The Powerbook rests..

by rmtwrkr

I think I have finally reached the point I needed to be in now. Namely, to be at a point where my E61 can take over basic SysAdmin duties from my Powerbook. It can, and now I am free as a bird because through the combination of (in Berlin at least) free WLAN hotspots dotted all over the city, and my software choices of Putty (java) for command line, VNC (java) for remote desktop, and a Wifi sniffer (built in) for network detection/signal strength monitoring. I no longer have to lug my PB around all the time, to Clients offices and the like, and can now (looking extremely cool while I do it) whip out my E61, do the job, and maybe watch a movie while the server is updating its software (thanks DiVX!). Now, if only Nokia had a more flexible VPN client (no bloody VPN policy server option please!) inside the E61 I would be as happy as a pig in *hit.