So busy..

by rmtwrkr

Damn, there I was getting all excited about writing lots of articles on the future of mobility…and I haven’t written anything really! The reason (excuse) is that my work as a SysAdmin has been too hectic as of late, and so there WILL be new content added this weekend.

here’s a quicky:

seems I was not the only one pissed at Nokia for its policy of only releasing the new Web 2.0 browser on FP1 phones…its all over the place, in the forums of, the original blog by Tommi..and even on Forum Nokia. I wonder if Nokia will implement some kind of damage-control statement regarding its future policies on OS upgradeability. I wonder if this collective moaning about the Web 2.0 browser will have stirred any new directions within Nokia..hmm..guess we will have to wait and see.