Market mistakes

by rmtwrkr

I have a confession to make: I made a VERY stupid mistake a few weeks ago with my new E61, I destroyed the joystick. Completely. I accepted my mistake like a man, and trundled off to the official Nokia Service Centre here in Berlin. Because I had caused the problem, it was not covered by the warranty. So I agreed to pay the 30 euros for a replacement joystick. Then I was told that I must wait for the part to arrive from Finland. Minimum 2 weeks! Ok I thought….it was my fault anyway. I asked them to call me when they get it. They never did. I had to go back to the service centre every few days to check if they had it. Finally, it arrived…so they agreed to repair it, but would need 5 HOURS to do it. So again I agreed, and gave my E61 to them. When I came back to collect my phone, they looked a bit embarrassed….hmm..what now? They had not ordered the correct joystick nub! And to top it off they said it would be another 2 weeks…AAARGH! Anyway, I waited again and last week they got the joystick. But ONLY after I had forced them to look for it in the shop. They then said they would need another 4 hours to put the plastic nub on the tip of the joystick…oh boy….then after that fiasco, when I returned to collect the E61 they would not let me have it! Because the Nokia software verifiying terminal had crashed, they refused to give me the phone back, even though the joystick nub was finished…..THAT WAS IT. I lost it. Completely. I asked to speak to the manager, and he then argued with me that there was nothing he could do. Well, then in my opinion its a flocking shambles, and i hope to NEVER have to deal with this abysmal support/customer care ever again.