Here cometh the E61i?

by rmtwrkr

I won’t bother posting the pics, as they are available on engadget. All I want to do is say this: It seems that possibly-maybe Nokia will release the successor to the E61 soon (maybe even at Nokiaworld which is the end of this month), namely-possibly-rumourly the E61i. What interests me is not the seemingly bolted-on camera on the back of the phone, nor the rubberized front facia, nor the (in my view) really badly redesigned softkeys (although the new joystick/button thing looks good), nor the lack of front camera, even though this device (if it follows the E61 in features) is supposed to be ‘video-call-capable’. The only thing I am waiting for is for Nokia to announce this phone, and declare it as S60v3…’ahem’…feature pack 1. Will they have the nerve to do this and incurr the wrath of all the owners of the (old, rubbish) E61s left out in the cold? Will they in effect ‘obsolete’ the E61, and tell the owners of such a device to get with the program, because they have fixed all the issues with the E61, but sadly you MUST buy a new phone?

So possibly-maybe-rumourly this phone could be thought of as a kind of hardware dongle for receiving the fixed issues with firmware of the E61. Nice idea..