Firmware shenanigans

by rmtwrkr

Firstly, Happy New Year to all readers!.
Secondly, Just before Christmas I updated my E61 to the 3.03whatever firmware. I am happy to report that I did this while dicing with death, namely:
Doing it without a full backup.
Doing it on Battery power.
Doing it on a Macbook running OSX running Parallels Beta running Software Update via a hacked IOKITUSB kernel driver.

Also I did this a full 24hrs before going on Holiday, where I would need my E61 to stay in touch. After I started the update process, I then started SWEATING PROFUSELY. All the horror stories about ‘bricked’ E61s were clouding my vision. I could not even watch the process, having to go outside and smoke 15 cigarettes to calm the nerves….BUT WHAT A RIDE EH???.

In the end, the update process went absolutely perfectly. The phone rebooted, I restored my contacts and calendar via iSync. Nice. Which leads me to the next part of the story. The generally shit behaviour of having to re-install about HALF of my 80+ applications that reside on my 2GB miniSD card! This part of the process took me around 4-5hrs to complete. Why? What causes this problem? Its quicker to completely wipe and reinstall OSX on a new machine than this.

Which leads me to the final part of this story, and a major niggle that still exists for me: The Gallery application cannot access ANY of my images anymore. It just comes up with a ‘Security Error -31’ and closes. Funny, because I have Resco Viewer installed, and this has no issue at all with the images on my miniSD card. Its a good job that I prefer Resco Viewer over the Gallery app, otherwise I would be screwed for viewing images. And I guess that the advice from Nokia’s support forum would be along the usual lines of doing some kind of Hard reset/Wipe miniSD/install EVERYTHING again….But lifes too short for me spending 20hrs on an install of a phone….so BYE BYE GALLERY, HELLOOO RESCO VIEWER!