Specifications Subject to Change.

by rmtwrkr

So after my initial ‘OH my flocking god, would you just look at that flocking thing!! I NEED IT!!!’ reaction last night over the frenzied Macworld Expo keynote of Apple’s new iPhone…now I am in the morning after phase.
Naturally Apple has made a device look so desirable as to initially overlook any details, a device so…well……FUTURE-like, that all other smartphones look instantly obsolete. Last night in the keynote, I kept glancing my E61, and it seemed to be actually physically ageing rapidly with ever second. Today is a different story. This has mainly got to do with the initial specs that have been ‘released’ after the showing of the iPhone. I won’t go over the specs, as it turn, they are all over the intarwebs now, but some interesting things caught my eye.

1) From what little is known about the iPhone device/platform at the moment, already certain people have ‘confirmed’ that it will a completely closed system. No user-installed apps. That in itself would be a total deal-breaker for me, in fact I almost refuse to believe that Apple would do such a thing. I need to be able to install things like a Terminal client, VNC client, view/edit docs etc. Only then would it come close in functionality to my E61. And then ONLY close…….

2) The lack (or as it seems) of 3G, or UMTS specifically. This would need to be in there to be in any way taken seriously in Europe/asia. Without it, its waaaay behind the connectivity curve here in Europe.

3) Security. This is more of a question than an answer as nothing is known about the security aspects as of yet. I am not talking about the OSX underpinnings, but more the standard features on high-end smartphones like remote lock/wipe, the possibility of encrypted data on the device, and remote device management. this is a given on my E61, and to even vaguely enter any kind of company situation, with iPhones being issued, this would be needed. Or Apple can forget any buyers other than the usual ipod-dumbphone crowd.

4) Remote sync, or lack of. This I just cannot believe. Such an advanced device, at such a high price, without so much as being able to freely use SyncML OTA? err…..what about all that forthcoming SyncServer goodness in Leopard? What about remote access to Leopard server’s CalDAV database? I am not asking to sync bloody movies OTA, but at least some kind of contact/calendar/notes/data interaction. This would make the iPhone attractive to execs, which in turn would make using Leopard server more attractive to the company…after all, isn’t Apple all about ‘seamless integration’?

The rest of the initial info/specs that are out there don’t bother me so much, like the 2mp camera (yawn), the lack (maybe) of removeable battery, and the touchscreen QWERTY keyboard (would have to try it first). Also the price is actually fair IF it stays at that 500-600 euro bracket UNLOCKED. Any more, and it will just be that bit too expensive for me to justify. But to boil it down at the moment for me, if the points above are not addressed (especially the 3rd party apps bit) then Apple will not be able to impress me with this iPhone, and I would stick with a real smartphone by the likes of Nokia..hmm….maybe a E61i, or even the much-rumoured E90.

I hope Apple wins this sale though.