don’t need no stinking paper maps…

by rmtwrkr

After all the iPhone madness, I almost forgot to mention: For Christmas my lovely girlfriend got me a Bluetooth GPS module, the HOLUX GPSlim 240!

Its got a SiRFStarIII chipset, its the size of a cigarette lighter, and it charges via miniUSB for around 9-10hrs useage. It also has very good signal capture. This was put to the test when we (my gf and I) were on our holiday in Budapest. I had already pre-loaded TomTom 6 on my E61, with the Eastern Europe maps. Then all I had to do was switch the GPS module on, auto-connect via BT, and we were off!! I just flung the GPS module in my coat pocket, and held the E61 in my hand. Suffice to say, I was VERY impressed. Not only with TomTom, but also with the fact that Budapest is full of extremely narrow streets with 6 or 7 storey buildings. The GPS kept hold of the signal (even within super thick fog one day). I was such a sad nerd. Every time my gf said ‘why don’t we go and look at the (whatever attraction)’ I had already looked it up in TomTom and the E61 was barking orders to ‘TURN LEFT!’ ‘ADVANCE 200 METRES THEN BEAR RIGHT!’. Wow. I was in a permanent state of geekgasm. The only thing was that I got funny looks from the locals..

Anyway, its a great little add-on for the E61, and even without TomTom, the built in ‘Navigator’ app on the E61 can give a lot of fun, in a more hardcore coordinates-trip counter-altitude-speed kind of way. And of course will be invaluable for the forthcoming trip to Iceland to go forth into the yonder, where there is not so many roads, or trees, err….or people…..or anything.