A Skype of sorts…

by rmtwrkr

I have been waiting for Skype on Symbian phones for what seems like a looong time. I had even tried installing the extracted Skype client from 3’s (UK network) X-series N73. That did not work. I tried iSkoot (beta), and that was also rubbish (and didn’t work). I trawled all Skype news snippets, rumors etc looking for a sign that it would finally give us Symbian users what we have wanted ever since the introduction of 3G/Wifi – enabled handsets. But no luck. Until now..

I had been watching the development of ‘Fring’, a new Symbian based program that offered to finally bridge the divide between Symbian and Skype. But for the last few months there was no S60 3rd edition version of the Fring Client. Just over a week ago they finally released a beta of the program to the public, for free download. So naturally I jumped at it. You have to go through a very quick registration on the website, and enter your phone number, so as to receive an SMS with a link to download the client. Then just click the received SMS and get that program baby!!! Everything went fine, it installed perfectly, and started up. It asked me for the default accesspoint, then asked me if I wanted it to autostart on booting the phone, I said No, just to be safe. Then it loaded the program. Then it crashed. Then it autoloaded by itself. Then it crashed. Then it autoloaded…then it crashed…and so on and so on. The only way to stop this looping spiral of death was to Kill the app using a copy of Handy Taskman, that allows the user to kill rogue processes. So after killing the app, I then tried to uninstall it. NOPE. NO WAY. It would not budge. I then tried manually tracking down the installed files via FExplorer..but I could not find it anywhere. This was bizarre, as this was the first app I had tried that refused to either uninstall, or show up anywhere inside the phone. Then I remembered, that in the install process it loads an app called ‘APSServer’. I found it inside the App. Manager program, and deleted it. then again tried uninstalling Fring. Again, no way. AARRGH! So then I thought that maybe I could re-install the app from the original .SIS file, and maybe then it would work. NO. It would not reinstall, uninstall, or do anything now. I gave up on my dream of Skype. I gave up on my trying to deal with Fring. I gave up on humanity….

Then today I noticed that Fring had released a new version of the program! And being a glutton for punishment, I grabbed it and…….it installed!! It loaded!!! It connected!!!! HHAAALELUJAH!!!!
Now it works perfectly, and I can chat and voice talk for free with my friends via any data connection. It has a couple of bugs still (mainly visual) but I HAVE SKYPE. YOU ARE MINE.