Neo Nokia

by rmtwrkr

Today Nokia released the new E-Series lineup, along with a few other handsets. So in a nutshell the E61i finally came out, with its new 2mp camera, and ‘revamped’ messaging interface. Also the release of the leaked-like-a-sieve E65 slider phone.hmmm. Of course, the GIANTY-BIG-MASSIVE news was the release of the new Communicator, which has now put the S80 OS onto the ‘abandoned platforms’ shelf, and now sports S60 v3.1, HSDPA, WLAN, 2x cameras for Vid conferencing. Called the E90 now, this phone is quite slick, and so it should be, as it cost around ?800!!!! It seems this will come out in America priced around $1000, so in my opinion, this will only be for the corpo-exec-gold card crowd only. This makes the (oh no, here we go again!) iPhone look not too bad with the pricing, as it should (if exchange rates hold) come over to Europe for about ?500-600. In my view this is acceptable for a lot of people looking at spending a few hundred on a smartphone. But the E90 is just too expensive for its features (as its tech is available in the other E-series devices, that are far cheaper). So in reality, you are paying the extra for a bigger screen, and a bigger keyboard. One thing I noticed in the press shots of the E90, and also in the review found on, was just how poor the S60 interface looks once spread over such a big screen (800×356). In my opinion it just looks awkward, and wrong. The symbols that reside in the ‘menu bar’ and the ‘softkey bar’ just look like they were randomly scattered over the extra real estate. It makes me think that no time was spent on really designing the S60 interface to fit such a wide screen. Why on the internal active standby screen does it still only have space for 7 quicklaunch apps???? (the same as my E61) Huh? I suppose they would say thats because the internal and external screen display the same info. But really, how hard would it have been to have the device recognise its screen size and adapt accordingly?

Maybe I want too much. I don’t know….