I got a Wii

by rmtwrkr

So there I was, a few weeks ago sitting in front of my Powerbook. I was thinking to myself ‘ this lifestyle is slowly killing me, sitting on my arse all day, staring at a screen ‘. I was trying to work out the best way to combine staring at a screen, with a bit of physical exercise and realised that it was now possible: Get a Wii.

I got the Wii on Saturday (btw with no issue of finding, or buying one. in fact there are piles of Wii’s here in the electronic stores in Berlin), and played it (Wii Sports) for about 4-5hrs non-stop. I was so impressed with the immersive feeling of the wiimote and nunchuk that I totally forgot about such things as over-exertion and pain threshholds. Until Sunday morning. EVERY MUSCLE IN MY BODY WAS ON FIRE. I could not believe how much of a workout I must have got from playing the Wii. Actually it shocked me in a good way, because it made me realise just how easy as a geek it is to be lazy, unfit, and overweight. While not being overweight, I am interested in seeing how regular playing on the Wii will effect my overall health. I think it will be very good. I can’t wait.