I’m Lovin it!

by rmtwrkr

Well, not so much it..as them. As in my Nintendo Wii (which has given me a reason to actually want to play games again), but also my E61. Last week I installed a not-so-legit application on my E61. Seconds later, when receiving a phone call it became apparent that I could neither hear the caller, nor they could hear me. I rebooted the phone (5 times!), uninstalled the application…but no luck. I thought the phone was dead. I realised that I HAD TO DEAL WITH THE DREADED NOKIA SERVICE CENTRE AGAIN!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRGH! I even in a last-ditch attempt hard reset my phone (losing EVERYTHING with NO backup). Nope. Still not working. So on the weekend I reluctantly went to the Nokia Service Centre. As soon as I had walked in and started to tell them in my broken german that I could not hear or speak to anyone anymore they interrupted me: “O2″. Huh?? ” Its not the phone, and you’re not the first to come in with this issue. The entire UMTS network of O2 has gone down for the moment, so you must switch the phone from Dual-mode to GSM only. That will fix it..”

….and so it did. But now I had an empty phone. Time to start over, and consider it a ‘spring clean’. After about 3hrs I had the phone back to full power smartphone status, and you know what? It now works better than ever! really…the reset fixed some buggy issues I had been having with certain apps before, and now as a result it is smooth as butter. So in some way my love was re-kindled for my E61. It’s TRUELY a great phone, and I cannot imagine EVAR going back to a standard handset. Nope. Not me. EVAR!