Wiimote Desktop

by rmtwrkr

The next logical step in trying to force an unholy union between my Powerbook and my Wii console was to use the Wiimote as a remote control for the PB. I first downloaded the excellent Darwiinremote application, and after some difficulty in getting the Wiimote to sync with the app (something to do with the particular Bluetooth chip inside the PPC macs, no problem with Intel macs), I was happily swooshing and slicing the cursor around the screen..After the fun wore off (about 5 mins) I then setup shortcut keys to launch the MediaCentral application and control it. This worked a treat, but the Darwiinremote app would occasionally hang. So I decided to try out Remote Buddy, a demo application that allows fine tuning of remote controls (like the Apple remote, ATI remote wonder, Keyspan remotes, but also the Wiimote). Now THIS is what I was looking for! Although the app does not allow use of the motion-control in the Wiimote, it allows such fine tuning of button allocations, and behaviours that you can basically RULE the machine. So now I hook up my PB to my HDTV via DVI, close the lid, press the 1 + 2 buttons on the wiimote to connect/sync, and it automagically launches the MediaCentral app. Then I can just sink into my sofa, and watch TV, movies, DVDs and music all from just the Wiimote! I actually would recommend buying a Wiimote just for a remote control even if you didn’t want to buy a Wii (and why not???). On a sidenote, I also have the Wiitransfer application on my PB which allows you to stream your itunes to the Wii, and also move pictures and movies to an SD card in Wii-format. Its quite cool, but not really useful for me as I have a full mediacentre anyway. Now, if only I could connect directly to the Wii from my PB…