Day Zero

by rmtwrkr

So tomorrow is the launch day of the iPhone (as if most people didn’t know already) in America. Even with my history of following Apple product launches, this one just blows all others out the water. I have watched pretty much all of the official iPhone quicktime movies on, and have read and watched all the existing reviews. I have to say: Apple, hats off to you for showing up all other mobile phone manufacturers with your iPhone. By this, I mean that even if you discount the ‘actual’ product being launched here (iPhone), I have NEVER seen any other company make a device look so appealing. It makes the piss-poor efforts of Nokia/S60 with its relatively lame attempts at being ‘understood by the masses’ by holding meetings, club events e.t.c that much worse now. The point is, Apple knows how to talk to the layman/non-techy when explaining things involving technology. Its makes the banal knowledge neccessary to use these devices to any degree, so much more inviting. Unlike the stiff, orderly, dull presentation of how to do anything involving S60/Windows Mobile/Palm/Blackberry smartphones. The thing is, I could seriously make any of my clients sit down and watch the iPhone videos that demonstrate how to use the features, and more than likely, they would then know how to use it. Where as when I try to explain how to setup a S60 smartphone for accessing WIFI hotspots..I get blank stares (normally I have lost their interest by the time I start piling down through the umpteen menu items). Again, we come back around to the UI design, and how badly designed the S60 behemoth is. This is another post to be done soon, but as for now, I predict (on the contrary to many people) that Apple WILL WIN this ‘Round:1’ battle with the iPhone. I just don’t know how anyone without exacting, specific, 3rd party software needs to buy a Nokia, or a SE, or even the well-overhyped (in business circles) Blackberry.