My Gripes.

by rmtwrkr

After spending around 10 months with my E61, I think I have worked out what really annoys me with Symbian S60. I still think the hardware is great, but the software has some gaping usability holes. Maybe after my encounter with the iPhone, has somewhat tainted the S60 experience for me…I dunno. Its just that I now see the basic failures of certain implemented features on smartphones. Here is some no-brainer examples:In the Email program (messaging) on my E61, I can only have up to 2 IMAP/POP automatically-retrieving email accounts. Why? I have 4 email accounts, and I need at least 3 of them to retrieve constantly. This is VERY annoying, after all, the Email functionality is what the E61 is absolutely targeting. No Excuse.The importing of Certificates for secure email/ certain websites is…well….crap. For example, the Mac can export .cer certificates for use on other machines. But to get these into the E61 is a run-around inside the Terminal (CLI) converting .cer into .der into .pem.The keyboard bug that was introduced with the version 2.whatever firmware has not been fixed, and to be honest, I don’t think it will be fixed now as Nokia will probably expect me to just buy a new phone. So there goes the one-handed operation of the phone which S60 advocates trumpet over ‘other’ smartphones. You really do need two hands to operate the device effectively. Bah.The music player inside the E61 is rubbish. I know that the phone was never targeted at ‘musical composition listeners’, but really, there is no excuse for poor sound quality (and don’t give me the “you just need good headphones” excuse, as I have my studio-reference Sennheisers for quality comparisons between the E61, my iPod, and my 24bit 192khz DAE station. Trust me, the quality is FAR worse than even the iPod)The ultimate SLOWNESS of just about everything. Really. It’s slow. And the constant ‘out of memory’ dialogue boxes when trying to truly multitask does start to grate one’s soul. Why the piss-poor amount of memory? I thought memory was cheap-as-chips these days.I could go on, but then it would sound like I was Trolling. There are good points with this phone like the robustness of the Hardware (toughest phone I have seen to date), the Safari-based browser is good (when used alone, with no other apps open). Of course, the ability to install *some* decent 3rd party apps is great (looking at Tom-Tom).I like the phone a lot overall, its just that I am always expecting more, and what bothers me is that Nokia/Symbian seems to be extremely slow when it comes to fixing issues with devices. I think they see every device as a newer-beta than the last. I guess that with Nokia making what seems like gazillions of new models/versions a year, the corporate vision becomes more cloudy, more fractured, less focused on what is good.I *doubt* I will stay the course with Symbian for much longer. My reasons are clear: I want usability, not a long list of hardware specs. Its no good having ‘Cutting Edge’ specs, when the software controlling those specs seems so illogically out-of-control.Anyway, must go. I have to *manually* check my new email……