..one more thing

by rmtwrkr

The Keyboard on the iPhone. WOW. I can type on this thing almost faster than on my Powerbook! Thats a real shocker for me, as for the first day I had it (Friday) I was doing the careful hunt-and-peck, and thought that the keyboard was tolerable. But over the weekend, I decided to use The Force. Yep, I decided to ‘trust’ in my feelings, or rather trust the phone to auto-correct spelling mistakes. So I started banging away with two thumbs, and not bothering to check on the screen if I had spelt it correctly. It worked perfectly (bar strange words like ‘Draytek’ or ‘Linksys’) almost all the time. Now I look a pro…and have given a little demo to my cynical clients who STAND IN AWE at my l33t skills. Another notch to chalk up for the Jesus Phone I suppose.