Thoughts regarding the iPhone

by rmtwrkr

I have been playing with this device all over the weekend. Any changes to my view on the iPhone? Nah, it’s still ace. Even the ever-lame T-Mobile cannot ruin it. So far, it’s the little things that impress like the general speed of the interface, also the way Safari will elegantly handle a crash. This one actually impressed me the most, coming from my Nokia E61 which has a webkit-based browser that crashed everytime I used it, either taking the screen into a kind of redraw-half done hellzone, or hanging completely and rebooting the device (which takes longer to boot than my Powerbook). Also on the Nokia, if Web crashed, you lost where you were after re-opening the browser by going back to the default homepage. Whereas if Safari crashes on the iPhone, its instant, and clicking Safari again instantly takes you back to where you were. A nice touch, and thankfully one that doesn’t happen too often (hardcore all-day surfing over weekend = 2 crashes).

I also have some suggestions for the iPhone, and I don’t mean the usual suspects like putting in MMS, or Video capability, or even 3G bleating. I mean more subtle things. Take Mail for instance: wouldn’t it be cool to have the same ‘data detectors’ as in the OSX 10.5 Mail client? So you can also make appointments and add addresses? Also, it would be nice to have more than one single VPN config available?

These kind of suggestions are more in Apple’s way of thinking as far as UI is concerned. A lot of the time its the subtleties in Apple’s software design that makes it so good to work with.

Anyway…gotta go and play