Keeping the Faith

by rmtwrkr

So I am sat here, looking at my now forlorn Nokia E61, and feeling a small sense of guilt and betrayal. Why? Because I have effectively given up on the Symbian OS that powers the device, and that OS stems from my first experiences with Mobile Computing: The Psion series 5MX. It was a British thing.

But then I realized how I can ‘stay true’ to innovative British engineering.

By using my iPhone! You see, the iPhone (and also the iPod and the iTouch) has its internals designed by Ken McAlpine and David Tupman. These guys were part of Psion hardware engineering. They made the Psion 5 that was in some ways ahead of its time. Now they have done it again. Also its no news that Jonathan Ive is the Chief Industrial Designer at Apple, and so gave the iPhone his signature clean-aesthetical touches. Hmmm…what’s going on? Seems that behind the scenes at Apple, us Brits know a thing or two about how to make things work exactly as they should. Shame we can’t make England’s shite railway network function properly though. Oh well, We can’t really be good at everything can we? (sarcasm alert)