People are reluctant to Change

by rmtwrkr

Sorry. This should have been a post on the iPhone’s But alas, it’s not….yet. Instead this is just a recap on the previous post. I have been monitoring the unfolding Vodaphone vs. T-Mobile situation here in Germany. And I can say it looks pretty bleak. Of course, all over the Tech-Internetz people have been weighing in on the whole ‘free the iPhone’ thing. And I am really surprised. And disheartened. It seems the people have spoken, and said “we don’t give a shit about the ‘internet communicator’ part of the iPhone, just give us an ipod and a phone”.

So again it is the case to me that the majority of potential buyers just want the iPhone to effectively look cool. There is an undercurrent feeling of refusing to pay for data at all. To me, personally, I am annoyed that people didn’t get what the iPhone was/is trying to symbolize: a true Mobile Internet Communicator. You know…with Email in your pocket, and Safari, and Weather, and YouTube (ok, even I am not too bothered about that) The iPhone was to bring forth a change in attitude towards being Mobile, and the Mobile Internet experience. But alas, people just want an expensive, cool looking, dumbphone.

Why would you buy a Blackberry if you didn’t want a dataplan? Or why would you buy a Nokia E-series with no data? A smartphone by its very definition must offer as many ways to connect to the outside world as possible, and be as connected as it can be. There is only one way this can happen with a smartphone: a dataplan. Sure, people will scream ‘but teh iPhone has WLAN!’. This is not the point. you cannot roam around collecting your email with WLAN, nor can you stream music while wandering around. With WLAN it makes you static. Hmmm….the same as using a Laptop, which if you are static, serves up a better Mobile experience than any smartphone. So why are you buying an iPhone again? Ahhh yes…it must be the AWESOMENESS of the Phone Keypad. That keypad is worth at least 500 euro. It rocks. Bleh.

Back to normality now.