Information Overload

by rmtwrkr

Wow, I was just thinking today (I do that sometimes) that I have had SO MANY questions about the iPhone from my clients, friends and associates. I have never had a singular device or service cause so much interest and controversy as the iPhone. I think I am ‘consulting’ on behalf of the iPhone an average of 1-2hrs per day. Now, I am tired of the banal questions like “Hey why did you buy the iPhone on contract? I can use it with my Aldi simcard, yes?” or “Yes but does it have 3G?, I have heard it doesn’t, and my phone does, so its better”

AARGHH. The propaganda overload in full effect. Look, if you want one, go buy it. You know where to get them from. On official contract = 100% of its intended functions. Just like in those Apple videos… Off official contract = maybe 60% of its intended functionality. NOT like the Apple videos. Alles Klaar?

Back on the clock: the iPhone’s iPod shakedown is up next.