An iPhone on a Winter’s day..

by rmtwrkr

Have you seen that silly stylus designed for the iPhone?

Pogo Stylus

I have been reading about how this is a ‘good idea’ for those times when you have to wear gloves. You know, because gloves don’t work with the iPhone’s touchscreen due to it being capacitive, and not pressure-sensitive. Huh? Carry around a stylus in the winter so I can fumble around looking for it with my sausage-size-fingered gloves while trying to answer that call before it g o e s a w a y….all the while cursing and shuddering from all the freezing cold timewasting?

Nah. Not for me. I will wear gloves. Gloves that work with the iPhone:

Marmot Europe :: Products :: Gloves :: iGlove Multi

Nice and warm. Don’t look stupid. And work a treat. Designed EXACTLY for capacitive touchscreens.

You can keep your toothpick.