Happy New Year!

by rmtwrkr

Sorry for the much-delayed postings, I have been overloaded with ‘real world’ tasks recently. I promise to conclude the iPhone tear-down in the next post, but first here are some thoughts, observations and future plans:

I had got my girlfriend the phone she wanted for Christmas: A Samsung U700. She has no interest in any smartphone/data features, and so the Samsung was a perfect little slim standard phone for her. It looks really nice. But….WHAT A FSCKING bullshit OS! Firstly it comes from O2 germany, and so it is a ‘branded’ device. I had no problems with that, but the decision to put the softkeys on the front of the slider ALL pointing directly at the internet, is a cunning and extremely underhand action by O2. Really, you cannot touch the front of the device for setting off its rubbish webbrowser, and forcing you online regardless of if you have a dataplan or not. You cannot edit or change these softkeys anywhere. I had to find a workaround by setting up a fake data connection point, and aiming the browser there. Really, it’s no wonder that people are generally still untrusting of this whole mobile internet thing, as the carriers are SO underhand with their tactics. Thank god for Apple’s rock-solid stance on not allowing carriers to fsckup the iPhone!

On December 30th, I had a life changing thing happen to me: I got my FIRST SCRATCH on my iPhone…..*deep breath*…..AAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH! It was by holding the iPhone in the same hand as trying to turn a door handle while in the other hand having a conversation on another phone, all while trying to answer a call coming in through Skype. The iPhone got scuffed. 5mm scuff. On the back near the headphone socket. I spent 30mins ‘buffing the scuffing’ to try to minimalise the trauma. In the end you can only see it if you look VERY hard. But it has been irrevocably burned into my mind. Things will never be the same again.

I guess every man and his dog has seen the not-so-official unveiling of the 1.1.3 firmware. My take: It’s real, but may not be the actual version released to the public when it comes out. Expect it very soon.

And finally, I will be joining another Blog as well! It’s called Just Another iPhone Blog (aka JAIB, you can find it in the links at the bottom of the page) I will be a occasional contributor, and I am currently writing up a first post for the blog. So stay tuned as this year is revved up, and set to BOOM!