It’s what computers have become……?

by rmtwrkr

A recent unveiling of an Apple patent regarding what looks like a small Macbook docking inside of a larger iMac-style display has come to light. The Tech sites are pouring all over it at the moment, with visions of a ‘Powerbook Duo v.2008’ coming soon. But this shook my memory in another way: Last year I envisioned a flatscreen display that can dock a smartphone inside it, and turn the power of the phone into a desktop machine.

Think about it for a second: The iPhone has easily enough horsepower for the typical kind of apps that a ‘standard user’ would need on a desktop. Namely text editing, browsing the web, listening to music, sending emails, watching movies…you know, those standard functions we all take for granted now. If the iPhone can already hook up to a TV, and output a decent resolution then what is stopping it happening?

Imagine this scenario: you are at home, typing up something on your new iDock (hey, it needs a name for the story!) using Apple’s tiny Bluetooth keyboard. A call comes in, and it pops up on the 24″ display. You talk via Apple’s BT headset. It’s the office asking you to come in, so after the call you (in mid excel sheet editing) pop out the iPhone from the back of the display. The main display goes dark, and auto switches off. You pop the iPhone into your pocket for the train journey into town. On the journey you finish off that excel sheet. When you get to the office, people are waiting in your room to see those amazing figures you have been working on, so you sit at your desk that has another iDock on it, pop the iPhone in and the screen automatically lights up and you then instantly click (or touch?) the file and view it. Your colleagues are impressed. A congratulatory email comes from your boss. End.

OK, I did go on a bit, but you get my drift? This would be an amazingly cool idea. No synchronization is ever needed, because you are using/accessing the iPhone directly. What changes you make are there..BOOM! You just eject the iPhone and walk with all your documents..BOOM! And there is no computers left behind as a security risk for hackers / thieves / snoops etc to look at, it’s just a screen….DOUBLE MEGA BOOM!

The fact stands that the modern smartphone has more than enough power to replace the very core functions of a typical desktop experience. The naturally small screen of an iPhone limits excessively long sessions with typing. But when coupled with a more usual interface (big screen, full size keyboard…mouse or touch) then it becomes that familiar tool that we use everyday. For writing things, viewing pictures..talking to people.

The technical side of implementing this can be done right now. The hard part is convincing people that the iPhone in their pocket can really do amazing things, if you empower it.