Pondering 1.1.3…

by rmtwrkr

I have been thinking about the recent ‘unveiling’ of the iPhone’s 1.1.3 firmware, and some things strike me as odd. What I cannot understand is how Apple’s team of voracious lawyers have not brought down the Wrath Of God on GearLive for hosting not only pictures of 1.1.3, but also a walkthrough video. Every single mac-orientated website or tech blog has written up on what is supposedly coming in this firmware upgrade. Now it is well known that Apple will fight to the death to protect its ‘BOOMS’. I don’t care that people think that Apple have been on holiday, and therefore have not noticed the Internet-wide response to the 1.1.3 firmware. Come on people…..If this was really the actual, final, polished firmware that will be released in the next 2 weeks, you would NOT have seen it yet. You really think that Steve Jobs will take the stage at Macworld, announce this exact 1.1.3 firmware, then start a walkthrough of features that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE AUDIENCE already knows off by heart? No Way, No Boom.

I believe that what we see here now is a semi-purposeful leak of a firmware that was created a month or so ago inside Apple, with a feature set that took in some new patents of Apple’s, but was not the finished product. Apple then allows this ‘mini-boom’ firmware to leak, knowing that it will be around the web in no time at all. Again, all the tech websites write it up as the next release, getting people excited for the features, but also scratching heads regarding still missing functionality. Then Macworld arrives, and Jobs announces a 1.2? firmware with everything we have seen, but crucially also showing a multitude of other ‘no-brainer’ features like cut and paste, notes sync etc. Oh…and a few native apps to download for the iPhone….oh and a new iTunes 8. This is of course all wishful thinking on my behalf, but something has just not ‘felt’ right about this whole 1.1.3 unveiling, something not what I would expect from Apple regarding the proximity to Macworld, and the importance of the iPhone roadmap at this time.

All will be uncovered very, very soon. Let me know what you readers think of this ‘Grand Conspiracy’…am I crazy? or is there a grain of truth to it all?