The iPhone’s a real looker..according to other manufacturers

by rmtwrkr

I was just checking out some forthcoming models from major players Nokia and RIM. Something about the look of these devices seemed familiar. The models in question:

Nokia E71 in the wild? – Engadget Mobile

Nokia “Dora” to replace E65 – Engadget Mobile

Vodafone’s 2008 roadmap gets outed, new BlackBerry included – Engadget Mobile

Shiny black front: check. Chrome surround/rim: check. Do these companies employ talented industrial designers? Do they sit around looking at the ‘style of the moment’, and then try to ape it as much as possible? (I’m looking at you Miezu…) I wonder how the designers can look at themselves and feel proud, knowing that they have just followed the lead of Apple’s design. Is this the new ‘iMac-circa-1998-make-translucent-everything’? Are all models for 2008 going to be black candybars with glass fronts and shiny chrome rims? I guess we can wait and see.