It’s that time of the year again!

by rmtwrkr

Macworld San Francisco 2008.

As Apple following people around the globe overload any and every website that is covering the expo, I have decided to toss my two’penneth into the ring and give some predictions: yes, I know that there will be some ‘new stuff’ out of Cupertino regarding Mac-based hardware, possibly some new wireless protocols introduced, and for sure there will be ‘one more thing..’

But for the basis of this blog I want to look at the iPhone-orientated-universe in particular. So, what’s it to be eh? O.k. here are my own predictions:

1) New firmware. Now, I could go with the obvious and say it’s just the official release of the 1.1.3 firmware that we’ll see, but I will go out on a limb here and say that Apple *may* introduce a larger update, like a 1.2-type update with far more features than we have seen with 1.1.3. Gives Steve some extra Boom-factor, kills the cynics that think that Apple will never deliver what people want. Everybody wins. Alas, we can dream.

2) The *early* release of the SDK for the iPhone. Plus the release of a few 3rd party apps to show what can be done. XCode will stay Mac-only, as incentive to get even more Dev switchers. Demo of the iTunes application delivery/payment system.

3) Hmmm…a hookup with Starbucks to show off a new payment system that uses the iPhone as the interface. Not that I care, because I hate Starbucks.

4) The *possible announcement* of a 3G iPhone for release in the summer. No in-depth coverage, just a mention. Hardware includes WiMax as a wireless standard.

What I don’t think will happen:

1) No immediate 3G iPhone for sale. Nope.

2) No iTablet/Mactablet (at least nothing using the same UI as the iPhone)

3) No chance Steve Jobs will be wearing anything other than his black turtleneck, tatty jeans and New Balance trainers. NO WAY. FORGET IT. IT’S NOT HAPPENING THIS YEAR FOLKS!

Anyone else got some ideas? Either way, we’ll find out soon enough what lies ahead for Apple’s Mobile OSX and the future of UI design. Good Times ahead!