Keynote Aftermath

by rmtwrkr

So looks like I got a few things right, and a few wrong. The iPhone did get an update (1.1.3). The iPhone got no SDK (yet). The iPhone got no 3G (are you surprised?). The iPhone has sold to the tune of 4 million handsets (great!) The iPhone section of the keynote seemed quite minimal really, with Jobs just announcing what everyone already knew about the 1.1.3. What I found interesting was that he said the SDK would be available late February. You know what this means don’t you? ANOTHER Apple event approximately 4 weeks from now. Clearly Apple would want to spend some dedicated attention-time showing off what the SDK will do. There is no way the SDK will ‘silently’ be introduced onto the iPhone webpage a month from now. So more Booms, and Media attention for Apple just 4 weeks after the keynote.

And what about the 1.1.3 firmware update? Well, I jumped in as soon as it was available. And the Verdict?

Yeah, it’s a good progressive setup toward a customizable iPhone UI. All the features work perfectly, and I am happy to report that Google Maps had no problem correctly determining my position in Berlin. Another thing I am happy to report is custom homemade ringtones are untouched by this update, and still work correctly with iTunes 7.6. I think Apple have finally given up messing around with that feature. SMS group send is there as well. Strangely, the Lyrics feature does not work on any song that I have manually added lyrics to. It just ‘spinning wheels’ forever when trying to load some lyrics for a track. Is this only for tracks bought from the iTunes Store? If so, that would be a massive FAIL.

So again, 1 month from now, expect a new iTunes (8?) with a new Application Store. And expect another firmware update for the iPhone (with OTA Application Store?).

Good times, good times..