Interesting news about 1.1.3

by rmtwrkr

It seems that finally, Apple has changed the OS of the iPhone to run Applications NOT as root. This means nothing to the majority of iPhone purchasers, but is a big deal if you follow mobile security. The new ‘restricted-mode’ for apps is a good thing, as it gives far less chance of allowing malicious apps to take full control of the device. I think this could be the case for the forthcoming SDK: It may be that Apple allows most Applications that are created, to only use the restricted mode. Or, it could be that apps could be created on a 2-tier system (a bit like symbian) whereas the developer has to send the app to Apple for security clearance, then if the app needs low-level access to device functionality, it is ‘signed’ by Apple to allow it. Otherwise a basic app can be downloaded and run with minimal checking from Apple.

Sounds like a good thing. Again it also adds to the ‘Second Coming’ idea, by way of providing a more secure platform for Corporate I.T to invest in. Can’t wait for the SDK release/event next month!