Apple is cool again!

by rmtwrkr

Over the past few years, Apple has continued to seep into the mainstream public consciousness, predominantly with the iPod. Everyone knows about Apple now. Go back a few years, and mentioning Apple was seen as that ‘obscure computer company’ With the recent massive growth in Apple via the iPod and ever-growing Mac sales, something happened….

..Apple became the ‘monopolistic, evil empire’…according to a lot of tech blogs/know nothings. It was cool to hate Apple. Apple had become worse than Microsoft. People were calling for Apple to be taken to task for monopolizing the online music industry. Suddenly that little computer company that valiantly struggled against the Rule of Microsoft had become evil itself. Of course, this is simply nonsense. All that happened really was that Apple started making money again, and lots of it. No one likes winners. People love underdogs. And so with this formula, Apple was no longer cool.

In the last week there has been a LOT of discussion among various tech blogs and ‘industry watchers’ about the seemingly impending collapse of Apple’s Evil Empire. Or more specifically, the (supposed) failures of the iPhone, the AppleTV and the Macbook Air. Combine that with the massive drop in share price of Apple and it looks to be all over for the fruit company. Michael Dell was right after all.

I find this all hilarious. This company is in no danger at all of failing in anything that it does. It’s just that the ‘watchers’ are paid to look for the most miniscule, tiny, insignificant signs of a downturn (even if the tech industry as a whole has dropped in value within the last week or so) and turn it into a media circus of declaring the end for Apple. So, if we are to believe the ‘watchers’ then Apple will return to the dark old days of barely staying afloat, struggling against bigger fishes, then this SURELY means that Apple is now cool again? After all, the poor fruit company NEEDS our help?

So I am now setting up a donations fund to help our beloved little company stay afloat, so please donate to the ‘SAVE OUR LITTLE APPLE’ fund. Please give generously, as they don’t have much time left*

*=This is sarcasm, NOT REAL. Information for those who have had a humour-bypass.