24hrs with a Jailbroken phone.

by rmtwrkr

After Jailbreaking my iPhone yesterday, I then proceeded to install all sorts of different applications. As I said yesterday, a lot of them either didn’t work correctly, crashed frequently or just plain refused to start. I ended yesterday with the feeling that although I applaud the work of the various Dev Teams, hackers and tinkerers for unleashing the iPhone’s potential, I also could see that a jailbroke iPhone is a phone you no longer can rely on to work as intended. This is in a large part due to the fact that development on the iPhone has had no official help from Apple in the form of documentation or obviously an SDK. So there are no real ‘rules’ to follow when developing for the iPhone. Which means that different applications interact differently with the iPhone’s UI, creating a lot of visual inconsistencies, and sometimes rendering the application useless.

Today I de-installed the applications that either didn’t work, or worked badly (like ApolloIM, Mobile Terminal, MobileRSS plus a few others that didn’t deserve space on the iPhone) and again started installing others like Mobile Chat (works really well, consistent UI), VNSea (excellent VNC application), Mobile Scrobbler (again, really well done Last.Fm app) and a few smaller utilities. As a result, my iPhone is far happier now. And so am I.

But what happens next? What about when Apple release the SDK and possibly a new firmware upgrade to go with it? I will not hesitate to upgrade. I could happily leave the illicit jailbreak apps behind, and go for a much more controlled stable official application list. And I am absolutely sure that the majority of current iPhone developers will ‘switch’ to using the official SDK and getting their apps in iTunes. It’s already starting, as with some current devs are ‘winding down’ updates to current apps in preparation to migrate to the SDK when available. The devs of ApolloIM come to mind, plus various others.

The good thing about the Jailbreak process is it allowed developers new and old to get their feet wet. Pretty soon it will be time to dive in, and that’s what I can’t wait for…