What exactly does ‘Enterprise features’ mean?

by rmtwrkr

Yesterday Apple finally set the date: 6th March. iPhone Software Roadmap. Within the invitations sent out from Apple to various tech blogs and news outlets was the quote “Please join us to learn about the iPhone software roadmap, including the iPhone SDK and some exciting new enterprise features,”. Did you see that?
They said “ENTERPRISE FEATURES”. Now the tech blogs are going wild over the inevitable announcement of Exchange support. But what if…..what if it means a whole lot more than that? After all, Exchange support is no great shakes, and it was a given whenever the SDK was out. What if…Apple was aiming its laser-guided red dot sight at CANADA?? or more specifically, Research In Motion.

RIM is the love-it-or-hate-it defacto standard for enterprise class smartphones. To be able to even have a chance of getting your foot in the door of enterprise, you need to at least be on-par with RIM’s featureset. We are talking about things like Remote Admin, Remote lock/wipe of devices, Central Admin/setup of devices, Lockdown of features on handset (e.g camera usage). Forget about ‘push-mail’, that’s the boring basic stuff, that many others can do now. It’s all about Centralized control in big business.

So what exactly could Apple do?

Well, they could roll out tools in the same vein as Server Admin/Workgroup Manager in OSX server. Tools to centrally admin and deploy iPhones in a corporate environment. Make the tools exclusive to OSX. Tie the iPhones in tightly to OSX Server’s LDAP (addressbook)/Calendaring Server. This would be a powerful weapon, and could only add to the list of reasons to switch over to OSX not just on the desktop, but at the server level as well. After all, why should Apple just support Exchange? Apple makes it’s own server (hardware/Software) and so it makes sense to show that while Exchange support is cool, just IMAGINE how cool a homogenous OSX environment is not only from a administrative angle, but from a integration aspect as well.

hmmm….one can hope can’t they?