Today is the day for SDK.

by rmtwrkr

In roughly 5 hours we will start to get an overview of just what Apple intends to do with the iPhone. Maybe we will see some applications come down the pipe, maybe not. But currently I am not that bothered. I have what I want for the moment: a fully capable iPhone. This is thanks to some of the great applications that are already available via Installer/Cydia like:

Mobile Chat 2.2.3 (IM app)

Terminal (CLI client, able to SSH from it)

Pushr (Send my photos to Flickr)

VNotes (voice recording and editing)

VNSea (VNC application)

weDict (Dictionary/thesaurus, extendable)

Mobile Scrobbler (Last.Fm music player/scrobbler, integrates with the iPod part of iPhone)

Books (for all my ebooks)

Converter (Unit/currency converter)

Colloquy (IRC chat client)

iRadio (streaming internet radio)

Mobilecast (direct podcast access)

PDF viewer (exactly.)

Drop Copy (simple file moving app, works over network)

Finder (exactly.)

BossPrefs/AFPd (SSH/AFP/EDGE/WIFI control panel)

Sketches (simple drawing/writing program)

iMatrix (QR code/Datamatrix reader)

MxTube (direct YouTube downloader)

Chuzzle (excellent port of Chuzzle game)

Tris (great looking clone of Tetris)

and the list goes on…….

These are just some of the apps that run on my iPhone currently. Nearly all are stable and reliable.

Apple has to really step up the game to quash the endless rising of Unofficial Applications.

We’ll see soon enough…