iPhone SDK (a.k.a How to hand the mobile industry it’s ass on a plate)

by rmtwrkr

Yesterday Apple showed the mobile industry how you are supposed to encourage developers, make simple and easily accessible SDKs and Documentation, and how to do it in an attractive way.

Apple managed to do some things that Symbian has not managed to accomplish in 10 years:

Create an easily usable, centralized repository for all applications (Download app? don’t make me laugh Symbian!!).

Generate an extreme amount of publicity for it’s developers.

Make a development package that is cheap enough for newcomers to get going, while allowing experienced Developers to really delve in there.

There is more, but I don’t really want to make the shambles (Symbian Signed? Signing houses with long waiting lists??) of Symbian development any worse than what it is. Expect current Symbian developers to jump ship to Apple’s SDK in a matter of months.


Because any developer will realise they can make more money from the iPhone than they could ever with Symbian. Let’s see..hmm…I make a symbian application using Carbide Pro (€1300), I then apply for Symbian Signing ($200 per year)…I then wait…..and wait…finally I have a signed ready-to-go application. Great! What now?

Ok, so I put the app for download on my created and hosted website ($$$), I need to have a e-shop of some kind, so I guess there are credit card fees to pay ($$$) I then try to generate interest by advertising ($$$). Most likely I will never reach the complete Symbian smartphone crowd. But one can hope. Anyway, I then get my App on something like Handango (must give them a cut, plus again its only another website, and not by default on every symbian device). Then lo and behold, my app is available CRACKED or HACKED from loads of smartphone websites/forums. Hmm…the dream of being a dedicated dev for Symbian is not so attractive eh?

Or lets do it the Apple way:

Download SDK (free with Xcode on OSX). Develop application. Decide to make it available to people so pay a yearly fee of $99. Stick it on iTunes App Store. Name the price. Take 70% of whatever you want for the app. Available instantly to ALL iPhone owners. No credit card fees. No hosting fees. Get payed monthly. No laborious ‘signing’ for you to wait for. Result: no hassles PROFIT.

Get on with the next app. Hire some people..who knows?. You don’t need to care, as you just get checks in the mail.