Exchange is all fine and dandy but…

by rmtwrkr

…did Apple forget for a moment that they produce and sell ‘Enterprise-level’ OSX Server?

That was the one surprise for me from the iPhone Roadmap announcement. Apple has made great strides now to play ‘nice’ with Enterprise, with the introduction of ActiveSync. But what about some OSX Server love? OSX Server 10.5 now has built-in groupware functionality (CALDAV server/ LDAP directory/ Push email) but at this point the iPhone is no closer to capturing some of those functions than 1 year ago. While Apple was indirectly targeting RIM’s dominance in Enterprise with the introduction of ActiveSync, this is only useful for companies running Exchange server (generally smaller business will not run an Exchange server, due to cost/benefit ratio). So what about fully OSX server shops?

I guess that in the near-term, Apple will get Exchange support out there by June, then it makes sense to offer similar functionality for OSX Server at the end of the year (10.5.5?). Otherwise, if Apple completely ignores it’s own offerings, it doesn’t exactly fill I.T departments with confidence on the future of OSX Server.

I don’t care for running Exchange servers! I want to see all the ‘enterprise-level’ Exchange functions in OSX Server dammit!