T-Mobile Germany starts subsidizing iPhones!

by rmtwrkr

News has spread around Germany that T-Mobile will start selling the iPhone 8GB at €99 with the Complete XL tariff!! T-Mobile also may imminently launch an ‘Einsteigers paket’ – Starter Tariff at €29 per month, with the iPhone costing €249. Looks like Germany is in for the WIN! or…..more realistically…..that the iPhone is not exactly selling here like hotcakes (I have spotted from November 2007, till now, 5 people with iPhones in Berlin) Another cause for the ‘Big Push’ is the inevitable release this summer of the 3G/WiMax?/Next Gen. iPhone. Let’s clear those shelves boys!

In other news, Samsung has shown off it’s new….*clears throat*….iPHONE KILLER: Samsung Instinct. After looking at the images of the ‘me too!’ device around the tech blogosphere, and watching the painfully retarded videos of its UI…I can safely declare that this device will launch full of FAIL. Sorry Sammy, nice try but too late in my opinion.

Oh, and Blackberry is getting ready to launch it’s 9000 model, which again, is kind-of-sort-of looking like a certain other handset I know. I actually like the look of the 9000. But, no matter what, I will never own a device that uses JAVA for its central OS. Nope, no way. Apologies to Java lovers everywhere. All 3 of you.