RemoteNote for iPhone = indispensable!

by rmtwrkr

Today I installed an application that I had heard about a few days ago: RemoteNote – Updated – 1.0! « John Robinson

What it does: provide the easiest way to edit and create notes in real-time on your iPhone, but via your desktop browser. It can print the notes from your iPhone to a printer, which is excellent. It can backup your Notes database to your desktop, just in case you hose your iPhone. All this is done by just launching the app on your iPhone and then via ANY desktop browser, go to the IP address that the applications shows on its single screen. That’s it. You now have your entire database ready to view, edit, delete, print etc. This also provides a great way for collaboration over a Network, directly to the iPhone. For example, you could have your ‘Secretary’ in another room access your iPhone Notes on her desktop and edit or create new Notes for you to take away. Plus anyone else on your local network can get involved and add info to your iPhone. This has great potential. But also risk, as currently the application (when running) will allow anyone who knows the IP address to view and connect to the Notes database. I would love to see some basic password protection implemented, just as a way to stop casual viewing of Remote Notes across a network.

The other thing I would love to see implemented (apparently it is being worked on at the moment) is Bonjour support. It would be far easier to have a single Browser bookmark with the Bonjour name, than a multitude of different IP addresses (if you use Remote Notes inside different networks and locations). But at this stage in the applications life, I am not complaining at all. This application gives life to a heavily under-utilized application like I didn’t really use Notes till now, due to the fact that it doesn’t really ‘link’ into any desktop app (forget solutions like Megadrive, that require the iPhone to be physically connected to the computer to work). Now with RemoteNotes, it takes me 2 seconds to have my notes up in my browser, ready for editing or printing. And, on my (trusted) network in the office, I can let others throw useful info into my iPhone.

I declare this a ‘Must Have’ application for any jailbroken iPhone.