Twinkle Twittering on the iPhone

by rmtwrkr

Yes, I decided to..ahem…’embrace’ more Web 2.0 antics with the download and installation of Twinkle for the iPhone. It’s a native Twitter application, and at first glance it looks good. I have now grabbed some people to follow (including the great JAIB (Just another iPhone Blog)…so my iPhone is now going a little nuts with updates.

Oh, and you can follow me, through my typical workday! Hear about Tech issues as-they-happen! See me moaning about User interface design in real-time! All these benefits can be yours if you just follow ‘rmtwrkr’ !

After some further testing I will comment more on Twinkle. But for now, just sit back and watch the drama unfurl…

Remember kids: ‘rmtwrkr’ has all the answers.