3G iPhone Slider / Flip? I don’t think so…

by rmtwrkr

Today, The Times newspaper released some ‘insider info’ regarding the inevitable 3G version of the iPhone. Among the nonsense was the report that the Second Coming of the JesusPhone would have a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Did the ‘insider’ actually bother consulting Steve-O before apparently developing and releasing this iPhone? Jobs said specifically when the iPhone was announced that hardware buttons limit functionality, so really, a SLIDER phone? Just like all the countless WinMob/HTC devices out there?

And the possibility of a flip phone is also, well…not very clever. As I have said before, Apple will want to build up an easily recognizable handset design, just like the iPod. Did the iPod ever really change its basic design? Nope. Thats why the almost universally-know symbol for an MP3 player is a rectangle with a circle inside it. Now with the iPhone I am almost certain that Apple will want to do the same (rectangle with very small ‘filled circle’ at the bottom). It’s the same with Apple’s laptops: ALWAYS have an Apple logo on the back, glowing. It’s about building brand and device identity, as quickly as possible, which of course you cannot do if your hardware blueprint is always changing.

I expect relatively minimal changes to the industrial design of the iPhone. Maybe a touch thinner, maybe a different material. But it will still retain the ‘look’ of the iPhone we all know. And it will run the software that we use already, except faster….different.