The 3G iPhone frenzy of misinformation and disillusionment.

by rmtwrkr

Oh boy, yesterday Engadget kicked off a whole load of nonsense, proclaiming that someone knows someone who has fondled the next iteration of the iPhone. Apparently its ‘glossy black’, a bit thicker than the current model, and is full of WIN. It has chrome sidekeys. And the accompanying picture is that ‘mysterious’ iPhone that showed up some weeks ago around the Mac forums. You know the one right? It is sitting face down on top of a Macbook Pro, all glossy black and looking a bit fatter than the current model, complete with BLACK sidekeys? Well, fear not…you can have this ‘new 3G iPhone’ right now!!! Looks like Apple is directly targeting a new market for this strategic launch: The Hong Kong Market Stall. Be the first with the new model on your block.

ORDER YOURS NOW: 3G iPhone appears in Hong Kong?…Not really —]

It’s amazing isn’t it?

By the way, it seems everytechblog+dog is running this same story, with the same damn picture. What this categorically proves is that nobody know anything at all, at the moment. Except Steve. Maybe he knows what’s going on, has anyone tried to call him and ask?