by rmtwrkr

So……….where was I?

O.K. (deep breath). Here are the reasons why there has not been any activity over the last couple of months:

1) I, or rather my girlfriend, are having a baby. Any day now. So a LOT of things have had to be sorted out..

2) I have a new job (started in mid-may) that I will explain later.

3) New Job+New Baby+No iPhone news= No updates.

I have finally got things back in order now. All my ducks are in a row. There has been massive changes over the last few months to my life, but now the dust is settling. I apologize to the readers for seemingly abandoning this blog, but this is not the case at all. So…enough with the formalities, let’s get back to business.

MY (new) JOB:

I have completely left the computer industry. I am no longer a System Consultant, nor a Daylite Consultant (although technically I still have the qualification). I am now doing what I always wanted to do: Be involved on a high-level with the mobile/smartphone industry. This happened out-of-the-blue in mid May, when a company approached me and wanted to know more about my skillset. To cut things short, they gave me the Job. I am a Technical Concepter at iconmobile

I am involved in the initial planning, researching and designing of mobile devices, for a range of clients/companies (which due to signing multiple NDAs, I cannot talk about). I am currently working on a project with a very-large client, that will only see the fruits next year. This has given me an amazing insight into the mobile industry. Coming from the computer industry to the mobile industry has been a shocker. The mobile industry seems to be a bit…well, lost. The iPhone has had an impact that is hard to really grasp until you are in the middle of high-level meetings, and realize that every benchmark, every bit of design, every bit of marketing kudos is centered around the iPhone. That’s all anyone talks about. BELIEVE ME. A million Nokia handsets could be launched at the same time, and it would get nothing more than a passing recognition. Apple has to do nothing, and everyone is on tenderhooks, nervous about what Apple may launch next, to solidify its position in the market even more.

That’s why I was valuable. Because I come from the enemy’s side. The mere thought of Apple, a computer company walking into the mobile industry and seemingly taking over, sends shivers down the halls of a lot of these companies that are stalwarts of the telecommunication industry. They want to understand what it is that makes Apple get all the glory. Of course, its relatively simple: Apple does not design products based on market demographics, personas, etc. It is an entirely selfish process. Apple designs products that are for themselves. It knows that if it works, people will buy it. End of the story. Whereas the mobile industry is running around looking for that secret elixir…that answer to their problems: to make a compelling product.

Anyway, rather than go on and on, just a heads-up that the regular blogging will recommence now (especially since I now have the WordPress blogging client on my iPhone…)

So get ready for the 2nd Wave.