News update (BREAKING NEWS)

by rmtwrkr

I put the ‘Breaking News’ in the title for kicks, but anyway….

Well, it’s been a crazy journey. Only a few posts ago, I mentioned that I had a new job as Technical Concepter at iconmobile in Berlin.

Um…I have a new job. At Nokia, in Berlin, as Senior UX Designer.

It was time to go deep into the heart of the Mothership, and spread some ideas. So what this all means regarding this blog, is that I will maintain impartiality regarding smartphones in general. But I will not make any comment on Nokia’s future offerings. That’s the way it is folks. No info from me, so if you are looking for Nokia rumors…you won’t find any here.

The scope of this blog will expand slightly, taking in more aspects of interface design (still on mobile devices), and more commentary on the experience of mobility in general. As far as posting frequency, well, I have to fit this around my job/girlfriend/baby. Rather than posting frequent content of limited interest, I would rather post well thought out arguments and analysis. So less is more, actually.